Slithering away from Year of the Snake

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Year of the Snake

Year of the Snake

Snake pendant tusk, hand-shaped tusk from mammoth ivory, set in sterling silver with a scrimshawed snake up the tusk. Will still be scrimshawing snakes but I will be starting on this years Chinese zodiac symbol — Year of the Horse. Year of the Horse symbolizes strength and energy. Excited to start on creating some of these beautiful creatures. Tusk is currently available at LTH Studio.

Helios Star Pendant

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IMG_1106A finished puffy heart from the The Shape of Hearts to Come posting. This heart is scrimshawed with the Helios Star and set with a white diamond to add just enough sparkle. Sterling silver, mammoth ivory and on a 18 inch chain. Will continue to show the finished hearts.

Puffy Heart Earrings

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Puffy Heart Earrings

Puffy Heart Earrings

14kt gold with black diamond and hand-carved puffy hearts. These came out really beautiful, started to scrimshaw the helios star on the hearts, but ended up not liking it and had to sand and re-polish the hearts in the end they didn’t need anything else. Currently available at LTH Studio (see store listings for phone number).

The Bee Ring

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1370257_660152173994950_1818516345_nThe Bee Ring

“Bees do have a smell, you know,and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.”

Decided on one of the insects that I wanted to do for the group show that I’m working on with two other people. The shows’ working title for now is Altered Landscape, it consists of three artists working in three different medias creating a total environment that one would walk thru, taking in all that surrounds them.

The Bee Ring: working with the concept of a honey bee getting nectar from a daisy. Here are some of my beginning sketches of the top view and profile views. Still trying to decide what the bee will be made out of, but the daisy will be mammoth ivory carved and scrimshawed probably set with some diamonds on the flower center.

Quite a project, will keep you posted on the progress of the Bee Ring.

The Shape of Hearts to Come

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Making PuffyheartsThe making of puffy hearts, decided to show my process. Showing the raw portions of the woolly mammoth tusks—the shape decides what it will be. Cutting some thick slices looking at the direction of the grain deciding they will be nice hearts. Wanted them thick and puffy some with a little curve to the tip. Hand shaping the curve to the hearts and then taking them to a high polish. The next step is deciding what to scrimshaw, working out the designs now. Created about eight in total at the same time, most will be pendants but there is a pair (a little smaller) those will be earrings. More to come on these items soon. Got a little behind on jewelry due to a new puppy boss.

World Traveler cuff links

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World Traveler-C&A cuff links

Auction item for the Gala del Sol

World Traveler Compass & Anchor cuff links

Auction items help send children to the Camp del Corazon providing a free of charge summer camp experience for children with heart disease. All proceeds are spent on the camp, and it’s programming, and staffed entirely by volunteers. Shown: Scrimshaw Mammoth Ivory cuff links set in sterling silver. The designs are hand-drawn on fossilized mammoth ivory, an eco-friendly material uncovered from ice. Jewelry is made in LA.

This year’s honorees are Joel McHale and Daniel Levi, MD and the event is hosted by Tom Arnold.

Sea Turtle Stacking Ring

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Sea Turtle Stacking Ring

Lately, I have been thinking about stacking rings, have made the basics before but wanted to do something different this time. With the scrimshaw can do sets of animals. This is the first in a series the Sea Turtle, scrimshawed on mammoth ivory set in sterling silver. Sits high enough on band that additional rings will fit under it. More rings to come for this set.

Scrimshawed Skeleton

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Skeleton Scrimshawed on Mammoth Ivory

The skeleton is scrimshawed on mammoth ivory with an rough edge cut left showing making it feel very organic. This full body skeleton is scrimshawed on this 2.5″ long x 1.25″ wide piece. It is bezel set, sterling silver. Comes on a 27″ length blackened rolo chain with a small bone charm. This piece was created in celebration for Day of the Dead. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Available at LTH Studio, see stores for info.

Diamond Cap Mammoth Ivory Tusk

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Diamond Cap Blue Tipped Mammoth Ivory Tusk

A very special piece of mammoth ivory, because the tip is blue. Mammoth ivory becomes colored when the earths minerals are absorbed into it, usually just a few of the outside layers. This beautiful piece is four inches long with a very visible herringbone grain (that’s how you can tell the difference between mammoth ivory and elephant ivory two different grain structures}. Cap is stamped sterling silver, set with five cognac diamonds adding that extra touch of detail. Available from this site. See contact info if interested.

The Silver Anniversary Twenty-five years

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A Custom Order Ring or Rings

A set of five stacking rings each with a meaning;


This ring is the reminder of young love—like you carving your love for that person into a the trunk of a tree.


This ring is hammered exactly twenty-five times representing the years together to date.


This center ring has a white diamond, representing the persons sparkle, it is partnered with a sapphire the persons birthstone.


This ring is hammered exactly twenty-five times representing the next 25 years together.


Represents all sides of love—the good and the difficult.


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